Thursday, March 4, 2010


  • Friday, March 19th is game night-- this will be Brat and Burger Grill night. Please see sign up list on fixins with either Betty or Kim.

  • Saturday, March 20th is the tearing down the walls project. We need those individuals that are willing and able to help remove the walls, dispose and do clean up.

    We do ask that anyone who has asthma or any other breathing difficulties to refrain from volunteering to help. As we would love for everyone to participate in the event, the well being and health of our brothers and sisters comes first. There will be a tremendous amount of drywall dust. If you would like to help in a different way, please feel free to provide soda and or any type of food for the workers of this day.

    We also ask that those who have safety glasses please bring them. We will have some but more would be great. We will also have mask for workers to wear. They will cover mouth and nose and you will be asked to wear them at all times while in the construction area. Paulette will provide these. Thank you!

    Power tools will be used, as well as hand tools. We have talked with those who will be bringing the tools. Because power tools will be used, we will be closely monitoring all that is going on and a plan of attach has been laid out by Betty, Cindy and Kim.

  • Believe it or not Easter is just around the corner. If you would like to help decorate the sanctuary, or even your own home please consider purchasing your flowers through RMCC. This is a fundraiser to support our conference fund. Order forms can be found in the lobby. If you have any questions, please see Sue.

  • In conjunction with our potluck on March 21st we will be having a bake and craft sale. You are invited to bring in your crafts and baked goods to help us raise funds for our conference fund. Please see Cheryl or Patti.

  • We are starting a second One Anothering bible study cell group to be held on Tuesday evenings. Please see Linda to sign up.

  • We are creating a church brochure called "Growing Together". If you would like your picture on the front as part of a collage please email your picture to Pastor Steph at


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