Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MCC Church Size Summit Reflection

The Church Size-Summit was such a blessing! It was exciting to learn about church size theory, and then apply what we learned to Reconciliation Metropolitan Community Church. I was thrilled when I saw our church’s chart that depicted our strengths and weaknesses. There were mostly strengths!

It was also insightful to be made aware of church behaviors and attitudes that either help or deter a church from growing. We were encouraged to look at every aspect of our worship service and fellowship time through the lenses of a first time visitor. We were also challenged to redirect our focus from “What did I get out of _(fill in the blank) _?” to “How awesome that someone was blessed by that!”

Let’s overcome our fear of trying something new and instead, embrace the changes that will facilitate our growth. There are so many people outside of our walls that don’t yet know that God adores them just as they are. The Gospel truly is good news worth sharing.

~ Janet Beck


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