Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 4: Preparing for Vision/Mission Kickoff Retreat

We have spent the entire week preparing our bodies, minds and souls for the Vision/Mission Retreat Kick off.

On Monday everyone was asked to light a candle and pray.

Tuesday we were asked to take time out to remember where RMCC has been. Remember the leaders and pastors that have come and gone before us. Remember the ministry we have done and what we are currently doing Take time out to give thanks to fellow servants.

Wednesday we were asked to participate in a prayer walk where we took time to walk around the church or sit in the church sanctuary lifting up RMCC, praying that God will guide us and direct us as we continue to listen to the small still voice of the great I AM and where he is calling RMCC to be.

Today - Join us for a discussion between 7 and 8 PM to share in thoughts or prayers on RMCC’s blog at:

This discussion is a place for you to ask questions and to share your excitement, prayers, and dreams.

What is on your mind?

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