Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Offering

Over the course of the next two Sundays, July 24th and July 31st, RMCC will be receiving a love offering.

A love offering is financial giving above and beyond your normal tithe and offerings. A love offering is given from the heart - in this case - to a member of our congregation who clearly has a need.

The objective is to help care for Dawn and Lisa as they continue Dawns journey with cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. They currently do not have a way to keep a room in their home cool. This grossly impacts Dawns journey in resting between chemotherapy appointments. Not having air contributes to her over all health. With air conditioning Dawns side effects from receiving chemo therapy can be minimized.

A quick search on Lowes web site indicates that a low end 6500 BTU air conditioner starts at approximately $150 plus tax. A high end 25000 BTU air conditioner is approximately $550 plus tax.

Please pray about this and give as you feel led.


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