Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Abundance by Rev. Will Bowen

When I was a kid, we did a science experiment using an empty home-delivery glass milk bottle (remember those?), a hard boiled egg and a match. The match was lit and dropped into the milk bottle and, as it burned, the hard-boiled egg with its shell removed was nestled into the mouth of the bottle.

After a few seconds, there was the slurp sound followed quickly by a “whump!” as the egg was magically sucked into the bottle.

What caused this? There was air in the bottle and there was also air in the room. The lit match devoured the air in the bottle creating a vacuum. The air in the room rapidly entered the bottle taking the egg along for the ride.

The hardest part for anyone when it comes to living a life of abundance is when they first begin to tithe. I can remember time and time again hearing ministers talk to me about tithing as I sat thinking, “You just want more money and are trying to trick me into giving it to you.” That resistance kept me off the prosperity track for a very long time.

Today, if you told me that I would not be allowed to tithe, I would probably hyperventilate and possibly even faint—so closely has tithing come to my knowing God as my source. Tithing is not giving necessarily to church; tithing is giving to where one is spiritually fed. Giving tithes is an acknowledgement of God as our source and it acknowledges that our souls, just like our bodies, need nourishment.

Think back to the experiment. You currently have money represented by the air in the milk bottle. God’s abundance is represented by the air in the room. There is a heck of lot more air (abundance) in the room than in the milk bottle (your bank account). The egg is your consciousness blocking God’s prosperity. Tithing is lighting a match and tossing it into your finances. Tithing, giving 10% of your gross income to where you are spiritually fed, creates a powerful vacuum that causes God’s abundance to come pouring into your life.

Dave Ramsey is world-renowned for one thing, getting people to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom. Ramsey’s program is deliberately simple. There is no fat in his program, it is honed down to the very basics and one of those basics is tithing.

Ramsey says, “The only people who win in life with money are those who are givers.” Why? Because giving and receiving are one and the same; they cannot be separated. To expect to receive without giving is like standing there and “wishing” the egg into the milk bottle—it simply won’t work.

Edwene Gaines says that anything less than 10% is not a tithe and does not activate the laws of prosperity. And yet this can be, no, IS scary until one begins to tithe regularly and begins to reap the benefits. There is never a “right time” to start tithing. The time to start tithing is when you need money which is now.

Take a deep breath, ask yourself where you have been spiritually fed, and give 10% of every dollar that comes in to that channel of God’s goodness. You will experience abundance as never before, guaranteed!

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