Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jason & deMarco, Live in Concert

Thursday September 24th
Villa Penna, Sterling Heights, MI

Friday September 25th
Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH

Saturday September 26th
Cross Creek Community Church-UCC, Dayton, OH

Sunday September 27th
Franklin Circle Christian Church, Cleveland, OH

This AMAZING pop duo is known throughout the world for reaching out and inspiring others through their music. With their outstanding inspirational leadership, vast array of contributions to the GLBT community, as well as their incredible vocals and stunning good looks, Jason and deMarco are breaking down barriers. They are honoring those before them by continuing to pave the way for others to be recognized for their talent and contribution while staying true to their beliefs and to themselves. <-- more -->

They are partners in music and in life. Married in 2008, Jason and deMarco are truly a beacon of light, and of hope. They perform over 100 concerts per year in the US and worldwide at events like the World AIDS Day Concert in Singapore, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Awards Benefit in LA, the Human Rights Campaign Gala and the Matthew Shepard Foundations Annual Gala.

Jason and deMarco have succeeded in changing lives and saving lives through their message of unconditional love and understanding. Their motto, "Lets Come Together, You and I Can Change The World"! And trust me, I believe they can. That dedication is evident in their award winning ShowTime Original Documentary Film We’re All Angels which chronicles their life as they tour the US and prepare for the release of their album Till The End of Time. It also shows first hand proof that although it isn’t easy, if we come together we Can succeed and we Can touch other lives and change them for the better. Most importantly, together we Can save lives. We’re All Angels and a number of Jason and deMarcos music CDs can be found nationally in Best Buy, Virgin Megastores, and select FYE Stores. Including Love Rocks the Human Rights Campaign star-studded benefit two-pack CD album celebrating marriage equality

Please share this information with friends, family and anyone you think may like to attend. Whether they are singing one of their many genuine love songs or rocking out a pop tune, their lyrics are written from the heart and touch on issues we all face in our relationships and everyday lives. Anyone who attends will be truly amazed and in awe beginning with the very first lyric.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Jason and deMarco, please contact:

Jason and deMarco
2909 Hillcroft #200
Houston, TX 77057
1-888-RJN-MUSIC (1-888-756-6874)


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