Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Love Offering

Following tradition, each year Reconciliation Metropolitan Community Church donates the entire offering collected during our Christmas Eve service to an organization or cause whose program or goal would be significantly impacted by this generous gift. This year's offering will be received to support Blue House Effect of Canada.

We can all do something to make our world a better place. The people who join and support Blue House Effect are dedicated to action. They are a grassroots charity that primarily supports an orphanage and school in the village of La Urena, in the Dominican Republic.

Over the last eight years, almost 90 volunteers have paid their own way to experience the "blue house effect" - that's the feeling you get when you help others. Whether it's teaching kids to build a table, make crafts, learn to read, or just knowing that our few dollars buys shelter, food, clothing and education for kids. Blue house supports life.

In the past, some of their projects involved construction, which provided the origin for their name. Nine volunteers, in 2004, constructed a small wooden house, painted blue, as a home for a woman and five children. Three other homes were constructed but their vision was to create living space for abandoned and orphaned children so their greater goal was to build the dormitory, which opened in 2008.

Blue House effect is linked to these children and committed to their future.

Below is a music video of Pastor Steph's first trip to the Dominican Republic with Blue House Effect.


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