Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Wednesday of Advent Daily Devotion

First Wednesday of Advent

Grab Your Bible and Read: Micah 5:1-5a


The words of this passage are often quoted around Christmas time - the picture of Bethlehem, the least of the cities of a small, unimportant tribe, being home to God’s sent leader who will restore God’s people and bring peace.

Itʼs a common theme in Scripture - that God uses the least and most insignificant to accomplish God’s purposes. It’s an important theme to remember, and it flies in the face of our worlds view of importance and success - the meritocracy that applauds only the “best”, the “richest” and the “most powerful”. Once again, God’s reign is revealed as an “upside-down” way of being, and the One who comes in God’s name as a humble, peace-bringing Shepherd, as opposed to a grand, militant conqueror.

This offers us a new possibility for encountering the God who seeks to come to us again in this Advent season: to find God in the small, the least, the unexpected, the peaceful, the caring and nurturing people and places.

What are the unexpected places in your life where you would be surprised to find God? Can you look deeper in those places and see if you can find evidence of God’s presence? In what ways can you embody the gentle, humble, peacemaking character of God’s Sent One?


Humble and Caring God,

Thank you that you choose the weak and small things of the world to accomplish your purposes. Thank you that I can be one of those things, and that in my small daily commitment to follow you, I can contribute to peace and grace in our world. In Jesus’ name we pray. ~Amen.


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