Monday, December 12, 2011

Third Monday of Advent

Third Monday of Advent

Reading: Grab your bible and read: 1 Kings 18:1-18


Elijah was called to be a prophet at a dark time in Israel when it looked like the forces of evil had the upper hand. But, as this story shows, even among the evil kingʼs servants were good people, committed to God’s ways, who continued to serve and save others. The challenge for the faithful Obadiah, though, was to trust God and Elijah enough to risk his life for the sake of Godʼs purposes. He did this, firstly, through secretly protecting and caring for the prophets who were being threatened, and secondly, by bravely carrying Elijahʼs message to a very angry king. He may seem like an insignificant player in this great drama, but Obadiah, through his simple faithfulness, made a significant difference.

We live in a time of great turmoil in our world, and, while most of us will not have our lives threatened for following Christ, we will find that if we seek to live out our faith, we will be called to make some tough sacrifices and do some really difficult jobs. It is here that our faith is really shown for what it is. It is natural for us to question and doubt, to wrestle with God and to be afraid. But, if our faith is genuine, we will, in the end, step up and live out what we believe. This may mean speaking out when it would be easier to stay silent or staying silent when it would be easier to speak. It may mean standing up to those in authority over us when they act like bullies in order to defend others, and it may mean giving up some of our privilege or comfort so that others may be more comfortable. Whatever the call, if we can trust in Gods presence and purposes in our lives, we will find the courage to respond faithfully.

What tough choices is God calling you to make today? How can your faith help you to do the right thing? How can you commit now to living courageously and faithfully each day?



The world is a tough place to live. There are struggles, disasters, and conflicts everywhere, and it can be hard to know what you are calling me to do. But, in the small daily decisions I make to live faithfully, or to hide my faith, I either allow you to work through me or not. Teach me the courage to put my faith into action and to co-operate with your grace and love and justice each day in whatever small ways I can. Amen.


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