Friday, December 16, 2011

Third Thursday of Advent Devotion

Reading: Grab your bible and read: Hebrews 1:1-4


The writer to the Hebrews is bold to proclaim Jesus as Godʼs ultimate communication, and the ultimate manifestation of Godʼs grace and glory. It is this Jesus that is proclaimed during the Advent season, and for whom we are to prepare. John the Baptizer, who prepared the people of his time for Jesusʼ coming, must have had some sense of what the writer to the Hebrews knew. He may not have been able to communicate it in the same way, but he would have agreed that all the prophets had simply been the opening act in preparation for the coming of Christ. 

In the same way, God continues to give us preparatory people, seasons and objects that set the scene for the coming of Christ into our lives. Theologians speak of the grace of God that works to prepare us for Godʼs coming into our lives as “prevenient grace” - the grace that goes before us. There is always prevenient grace at work in our lives and in our world, and the season of Advent is one of the tools that prevenient grace uses. Other tools are the Bible, other people, circumstances and experiences that point us to Godʼs presence and activity in our lives and in our world.

Where do you see Godʼs prevenient grace at work in you and in your world? As we draw closer to Christmas, how is God preparing you for a new encounter with Christ? In what ways can you allow Godʼs prevenient grace to work in you even more, and to work through you to prepare others?


God of Grace,
Thank you that you are always speaking, always coming to me, always reaching out to me. Thank you for your grace that works in my life even when I donʼt see it or know it. And thank you that even when I donʼt think you can, you use me to show your grace to others. Please lead me deeper into your grace this Advent, and prepare me for the coming of Christ into my world again.


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